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Our Mission


Why Wait?

TeleMedCo™ is a new company whose mission is to bring cutting edge technology to the worldwide healthcare industry to offer an elevated level of care at significantly reduced costs.

Through our collaboration with IBM, the company will develop software that allows IBM’s Watson cognitive computing platform to engage in primary patient care in the Emergency Room and Urgent Care environments.

TeleMedCo’s software interface to IBM Watson is being designed and developed to pervasively assist doctors by handling lower level patients from diagnosis to prescription or treatment recommendations and by processing an approved e-script and coding and billing the entire visit, while also triggering immediate human intervention based on the information, analysis and “rules” built into the software.

As the population increases and ages, more and more demands are being placed on the healthcare ecosystem and the medical schools cannot turn out trained physicians fast enough to keep up with the demand.

Technology is the most promising answer.

Our Platform


The Hippocratic Code

We are developing  programming addressing the improvement of emergency medicine and urgent care areas of healthcare. TeleMedCo, powered by Watson, will follow all required medical protocols in every case that it handles.

Nearly all ER visits commence with a series of questions of the patient and with data secured from various diagnostic devices designed to measure blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and other inputs. These devices are connectable through USB ports or via Bluetooth to telemedicine computers and are capable of giving digital readings to Watson in real time. The patient record will also be available with the treatment history including all drugs that the patient may be taking and the insurance carrier. In short, Watson will have all of the data normally supplied to the medical personnel of the hospital.

TeleMedCo’s software interface to IBM Watson will also update patient records, code and process insurance claims, and monitor patients for aftercare. This will represent a paradigm shift in the approach to healthcare, making both hospitals and practices more profitable while saving money for patients and their Insurance carriers.

In addition, the solution will include real time communications, with HIPAA compliant instant messaging, voice and video consults with the patient’s care team, including automatic routing to reach a professional when the appropriate conditions are met.

Our Solutions


Workflow ER Intake & Triage Powered by IBM Watson

Telemedco powered by IBM Watson will draw on the emergency room medical protocols specified by the American College of Emergency Medicine to help doctors diagnose and prescribe for ER patients. It can read EMR’s, handle triage, and assume most of the load for the lowest acuity patients with the just help of a nurse or a PA

Telemed ER Instant Access To Remote Specialists

Telemedco’s telemedicine platform will be built on IBM and Kandy. IBM Connections and Kandy Business make it easy for health care people to work from anywhere, connect in real-time from almost any device and collaborate over text, voice or video.

Imaging ER Faster Processing of Xrays, Cat Scans and MRIs

Radiologists are overloaded with images, often having to process them in just three to four seconds. IBM Power AI draws on vast databases of images to compare and diagnose from a radiological image quickly and more accurately than a doctor can. The platform will provide additional vital information to the doctors.

Our Approach


Working With Doctors & For Doctors

Telemedco’s highly experienced medical staff, working under the direction of Dr. Tina Miranda, is translating the emergency medicine protocols of the American College of Emergency Physicians into decision trees that can be effectively administered by Watson, IBM’s cognitive AI computing platform. This will effectively take over much of the function of diagnosis and prescription and allow the physician to see a finished report with recommendations based on data secured from the patient verbally, from any tests that Watson requests in following the protocols, from radiology and lab reports, and finally from the patient’s electronic health record. Once approved by the physician, Watson will issue any required eScript and code the entire experience for billing and send it to the appropriate carrier.

Strategically in order to facilitate adoption by hospitals and urgent care centers, the program will be introduced as a conventional on premises telehealth program manned by Dr. Miranda and her staff. Over time more and more of the workflow will be undertaken by Watson. This can initially service the 30% of patients with the lowest risk, thereby freeing staff physicians to devote their time to true emergent cases. Patients will leave with an APP which will allow them to engage the doctor from their smart phone or tablet and thereby reduce readmissions to the hospital.

The plan is to also introduce IBM’s Power AI Imaging software which will speed the workflow from Radiology while it increases the accuracy of the diagnoses.

About Us

TeleMedCo™ is a new company whose mission is to bring cutting edge technology to the worldwide healthcare industry to offer an elevated level of care at significantly reduced costs. Powered by IBM Watson, it is currently developing an Emergency Room Telehealth Platform that will reduce waiting time and stress and provide early diagnosis and treatment by bringing cutting edge technology to the workflow of the ER.

Dr. Tina Miranda

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. Tina Miranda M.D., M.B.A., is an accomplished medical professional and Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of new telehealth startup, TeleMedCo™.

Dr. Miranda graduated from the Health Science Center at Brooklyn at the State University of New York, and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in New York City. Dr. Miranda is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. In addition, she holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management from Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute. Prior to this, Dr. Miranda graduated with a degree in Chemistry from the Barnard College at Columbia University.

Dr. Miranda started her medical career in Emergency Medicine, and has worked in emergency rooms in New York, New Jersey and South Florida. In July 2006, Dr. Miranda went into private practice dedicated to comprehensive anti-aging medicine. She is currently founder and Medical Director of Rejuvenate Doctor.

Dr. Miranda extends herself beyond the traditional medical world as well. She has worked as a Healthcare Consultant for the National Basketball Association, providing care for the NBA players in Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Miranda’s latest venture is co-founding progressive telehealth startup, TeleMedCo™. With years of experience working in often over-crowded and stressed emergency rooms, Dr. Miranda grew passionate about developing a solution to the long wait times and administrative challenges in the life-saving ER environment. She developed a vision for using telemedicine to assist doctors and care teams to make it faster and more efficient for them to treat patients, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Dr. Miranda’s favorite things to do include sky diving, skiing and last but certainly not least, participating in many charitable activities.

Barry Solomon

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder

Barry Solomon is Co-founder of TeleMedCo™, a new company bringing cutting edge technology to healthcare. An Emmy Award winning television writer and producer and a member of the Writers Guild of America, Mr. Solomon holds an MBA from Columbia University in Media Management and worked for six years in public relations and programming for the National Broadcasting Company. He subsequently formed BlackStar Productions where he Executive Produced a motion picture project for PBS, a sitcom pilot for CBS, and two series for Time Life Films.

Mr. Solomon was a founder of two telecommunication companies, both of which were sold to public companies. The first was a reseller of AT&T services and the second was a network design company which developed telecommunication networks for Fortune 1000 companies and institutions around the world.

He then co-founded a company which produced national touring promotional events for companies including Proctor and Gamble, Mars Inc., Kraft Foods, Anheuser Busch, and others. He is a principal partner in a company which acquired the Menudo Trademark and discovered and brought back the legendary Latin boy band with strategic alliances that included Sony Music, Yahoo, the William Morris Agency, the Creative Artists Agency, Reveille Studios, and MTV.

Involved in fundraising for the World Wildlife Fund, the Smithsonian, and Companions of Art and Nature focused on the preservation of the tropical rainforests, he produced concert events with Sting, Madonna, the Moody Blues, Debbie Harry, the B 52’s, the Saturday Night Live Band and many other artists, which collectively raised over two million dollars for the cause.

Akshay Sharma

Acting Chief Technology Officer

Akshay Sharma is visionary technologist, author, humanitarian futurist, consultant, industry observer and analyst, and was named acting CTO of TeleMedCo in June 2018. After a decade with Gartner as Research Director, Carrier Network Infrastructure, Converged Infrastructure, Mr. Sharma joined neXt Curve as principal analyst, while also serving as a consultant to a number of start-ups including Beesion and GRUBBRR. Earlier in his career, Mr. Sharma was CTO at Calypso Wireless after graduating from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) with an emphasis on Computer Engineering.

Mr. Sharma is an active contributor to non-profit organizations including No More Tears and the Somy Ali Foundation.


GENBAND’S Kandy Gives TeleMedCo New Array of Functions

We know the value that real time communications tools can bring to healthcare operations, thanks to a growing array of case studies that feature the tools being put to work and delivering value. We’ve got one more to add to the roster thanks to TeleMedCo, who, like a growing number of operations out there, turned to GENBAND’s Kandy to supply several real time communications tools to its currently-operating product.

TeleMedCo Selects GENBAND’s Kandy Platform for Real Time Telehealth Collaboration Capabilities

Companies to demonstrate world’s first emergency room solution powered by IBM Watson to deliver dramatically improved automation and information integration including EMRs and imaging results in seconds, when seconds matter most.

Dispatch from Perspectives 16

The Cognitive world is colliding with the Collaboration world creating tons of market opportunities for us all to work on. This was reinforced by both Mr. Walsh of GENBAND and Ms. Troughton of IBM. TeleMedco application took center stage as Mr. Walsh unveiled the power of IBM Watson working with GENBAND Kandy to deliver a world-class application focusing to dramatically improve the Urgent Care/Emergency Room patient experience.

mHealth Helps Out in the ER

A digital health newcomer is proposing to use Watson to screen patients in the waiting room and help with Emergency Department traffic.
A newcomer to the telemedicine market is pledging to use Watson to screen incoming patients to a hospital’s Emergency Department.

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Back in early nineties, straight out of college, I began working on Wall Street building trading floor technology and trying to keep up with the growth of the public markets and innovation in platforms. In my early twenties, I was charged with engineering and evolving sophisticated trader voice applications, connecting thousands of participants – buyers, sellers, brokers, banks and, of course, exchanges.

The ‘Exchange of Everything’ is Here and it Matters: Say Hello to the Idea Economy

The technology world is chock full of TLAs, three-letter acronyms. Generally, they’re conceived to make folks in cheap suits feel clever and confuse the rest of us. But ever so occasionally, they hint at something that might actually matter – both to businesses and to ordinary people.

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