Changing the Emergency Room Experience For Good – Dr. Tina Miranda’s Vision Becomes Real

Earlier today, the Kandy team announced it has been selected by an amazing new company, TeleMedCo into an emergency room platform powered by IBM Watson’s cognitive processing capabilities.

TeleMedCo Selects GENBAND’s Kandy Platform for Real Time Telehealth Collaboration Capabilities

Companies to demonstrate world’s first emergency room solution powered by IBM Watson to deliver dramatically improved automation and information integration including EMRs and imaging results in seconds, when seconds matter most.

Once In A Lifetime Opportunities

Team Q is so very honored today to be part of a project that could change forever how emergency medicine is practiced in the near future. Our inspired client and true partner, TeleMedCo are demonstrating a system powered by IBM Watson that will make it possible to rapidly and accurately triage people coming into busy emergency rooms and assist the medical staff in providing diagnosis and care with information instantly presented through TeleMedCo’s Hippocratic Code platform.

mHealth Helps Out in the ER

A digital health newcomer is proposing to use Watson to screen patients in the waiting room and help with Emergency Department traffic.
A newcomer to the telemedicine market is pledging to use Watson to screen incoming patients to a hospital’s Emergency Department.

The Exchange of Everything: Prepare for The New World of E2

Back in early nineties, straight out of college, I began working on Wall Street building trading floor technology and trying to keep up with the growth of the public markets and innovation in platforms. In my early twenties, I was charged with engineering and evolving sophisticated trader voice applications, connecting thousands of participants – buyers, sellers, brokers, banks and, of course, exchanges.

The ‘Exchange of Everything’ is Here and it Matters: Say Hello to the Idea Economy

The technology world is chock full of TLAs, three-letter acronyms. Generally, they’re conceived to make folks in cheap suits feel clever and confuse the rest of us. But ever so occasionally, they hint at something that might actually matter – both to businesses and to ordinary people.

GENBAND’S Kandy Gives TeleMedCo New Array of Functions

We know the value that real time communications tools can bring to healthcare operations, thanks to a growing array of case studies that feature the tools being put to work and delivering value. We’ve got one more to add to the roster thanks to TeleMedCo, who, like a growing number of operations out there, turned to GENBAND’s Kandy to supply several real time communications tools to its currently-operating product.

Dispatch from Perspectives 16

The Cognitive world is colliding with the Collaboration world creating tons of market opportunities for us all to work on. This was reinforced by both Mr. Walsh of GENBAND and Ms. Troughton of IBM. TeleMedco application took center stage as Mr. Walsh unveiled the power of IBM Watson working with GENBAND Kandy to deliver a world-class application focusing to dramatically improve the Urgent Care/Emergency Room patient experience.